Louisiana-Monroe scraps Indians for Warhawks


MONROE, La. -- Louisiana-Monroe has changed its mascot from
Indians to Warhawks.

The school, which used the Indians nickname for 75 years, picked
the new mascot from votes in an online poll after the NCAA banned
the use of Indian names and imagery.

Louisiana-Monroe was among 18 schools deemed by the NCAA in
August to have nicknames, mascots or logos that are "hostile or
abusive" to American Indians.

This spring, the school retired the cartoonish mascot Chief
Brave Spirit from appearing at ULM events. References to the campus
as "The Reservation" were also stopped.

The final design of the mascot is still being decided. A
committee has suggested the Warhawks mascot could assume a variety
of identities that draw upon different strengths.

One would draw on the area's aviation history. The Curtiss P-40
Warhawk was flown by Northeast Louisiana's General Claire Chennault
and the Flying Tigers during World War II.

The Warhawk identity might also include the hawks, birds of prey
indigenous to this area, often seen on campus.