Danuel House building his reputation


Before the spring, Houston native Danuel House was far from a big-name prospect. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find his name -- which is pronounced "Daniel" -- on any top 100 lists and only local schools TCU and Houston offered him during his junior year. Now, after playing his way into the NBPA Top 100 Camp, House has a foundation for the future and should be a fixture on every top 100 list.

"I've been telling people about him for two years in Houston, but it's a slow process and everything couldn't happen at one time," said Marland Lowe, coach of House's Texas Pro traveling team. "His window is just starting to open and it's so huge."

House's basketball career didn't kick into high gear until 10th grade when his mother, who is the one responsible for his unusual name, began telling him about college and how basketball can open doors. At that point, House said he really started to love the game and work at it.

As a sophomore, House tossed in 20 points a game but his team struggled, especially when it played against powerhouse Houston Yates.

"That's when Yates was No. 1 in the nation and they were in our district. They beat us by 37 but I had 39 on them though," House said.

The following year, he moved and enrolled at Hightower, where he helped the Hurricanes advance to the state semifinals. With that, his recruiting stock exploded on a national level. Southern California, Colorado, Cal, Missouri, Arizona, Texas, Houston, TCU, Jacksonville and Baylor offered him scholarships and are in hot pursuit. However, our guess is that during the July period, those programs will encounter traffic on the trail as more programs get a look at the 6-foot-6 wing who has helped put Houston Pro on the map.

"He does everything," Lowe said. "He's a pure shooter, he can guard, he's very athletic, he runs, communicates ... he's a player and he can win. He does everything you need to do -- the small things and the big things -- to win. He's got a high motor that doesn't stop and he's got a strong will to do the things that you need to be successful."

Once the smoke clears from a busy summer, House will have to settle in and get cracking on a decision. At the NBPA Top 100 Camp, he identified a few of programs that are standing out at this time.

"I'd have to say Baylor because they keep in contact, and [Houston] and Arizona. They keep in contact and call and check up on you," he said.

However, House is a savvy young man and he's not going to fall for the typical coachspeak. Academics are important and he has the ability to spot a tall tale a mile away.

"[One college] said I was the No. 1 priority on the list. I checked a [recruiting site] and a dude had already committed to the college," House said. "Apparently, I wasn't their No. 1."

Check back 30 days from now. House is about to become more than one program's top priority, and the next time he hears that line, it won't be a tall tale.

Dave Telep is the senior basketball recruiting analyst for ESPN.com. His college basketball scouting service is used by more than 225 colleges and numerous NBA teams. He can be reached at espndt@gmail.com. Don't forget to follow him on Twitter.