Kevon Seymour reaches for the top


Similar to most of the premier players in the nation, Pasadena (Calif.) Muir's Kevon Seymour has one simple goal: He wants to be known as the best at his position. And while the 5-foot-11, 170-pound defensive back from the 2012 class hasn't achieved the lofty status as of yet, there's no denying the fact he's taking steps in the right direction.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

There is, after all, a spot reserved for Seymour on the ESPNU 150 Watch List. Another indication of his rise is the recruiting interest he continues to generate from the country's top colleges.

"I'm never satisfied," Seymour said. "While other people rest, I'm working hard to improve and be No. 1. I feel like I'm one of the top players in the state. But I want to be be known as one of the top players in the nation. Whatever it takes is what I'm going to do.''

His work ethic has never been questioned Seymour has been a consistent contributor for Muir the better part of the last two-plus years.

His standing in the eyes of the powers that be, coaches and scouts alike, certainly has not been hurt by working out with B2G Sports. Performing well against plenty of top-notch competition at numerous West Coast 7-on-7 passing tournaments over the past couple of months hasn't hurt, either.

"I think Kevon is one of the top two defensive backs in the state, go ahead and throw in whoever else you want for the second player on that list,'' said Ron Allen, co-founder of B2G Sports. "If we are talking about the country's best players at his position, Kevon's name needs to be mentioned, and when it's not, that only makes him more hungry.

"He understands how the game works. He knows he's not entitled to anything and that drives him to be better. It's a matter of time before Kevon is recognized as one of the best around. There's a reason why USC and Florida are recruiting him. High school football is not the end of the road for him, it's the beginning. He's going to be a big-time college player.''

All signs point to Allen's assessment being correct.

Seymour has 15 scholarship offers on the table, including those from the Trojans and the Gators. Nebraska, UCLA, Washington, Arizona and California are among the others in the running for his services.

Notre Dame has recently been in contact with Seymour. However, the Fighting Irish haven't pulled the trigger and offered him. Oregon is in the same boat, having picked up interest but not offered as yet.

"USC said they wanted me, that was cool, it made me feel good," Seymour said. "I like them. They jumped to the top of my list. I've been hearing from a lot of other schools, like Florida and Utah. I've got these coaches calling me all the time now, it's fun.''

When it comes down to things taking place in the secondary, Seymour compares favorably with some of his counterparts from the Golden State.

Shaq Thompson (Sacramento, Calif./Grant) and Tee Shepard (Fresno, Calif./Central) are the most well-known names in the defensive backfield, there's no doubt about it. Accordingly, the ESPNU 150 Watch List members tend to attract most of the attention.

Make no mistake though, Brandon Beaver (Compton, Calif./Dominguez), Marcus Rios (Elk Grove, Calif./Cosumnes River), Ishmael Adams (Westlake Village, Calif./Oaks Christian) and Alphonso Marsh (Compton, Calif./Dominguez) are far from slouches.

On the national level with regards to the cream of the crop at cornerback, the consensus appears to be that Ronald Darby (Oxon Hill, Md./Potomac) and Geno Smith (Atlanta/Saint Pius X Catholic) are among the more high-profile players in the class.

"At times, there's a lot of hype about recruit; it starts from the time they're freshmen and builds during their sophomore and junior seasons,'' said Henry Bell, Allen's partner and co-founder of B2G Sports. "With Kevon, he's flown underneath the radar for a while. All of that's changing, though. He is getting more and more exposure. I'll tell you what, his highlight film is right up there with the best defensive backs in the country. Take a look for yourself.

"Technically, Kevon is ahead of the curve, ahead of the game. Show me someone that is faster than him, no runs like he can, no one closes faster. He's tough too, a solid finisher, he can tackle with the best of them. Kevon has a high football IQ. He's put together. He's a special talent. The school that lands a commitment from him will be lucky.''

Seymour will be the first to admit that he doesn't plan on making a decision about his possible future destination anytime soon. His sole focus is improving.

That said, the next order of business for Seymour is the B2G Elite Camp on June 24-26 at UCLA. He is expected to be one of many talented recruits in attendance.

Among the others committed to the showcase include ESPNU 150 Watch List members Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick (Rocklin, Calif./Whitney), Matt Morin (Temecula, Calif./Chaparral), Butch Pauu (Anaheim, Calif./Servite) and Aziz Shittu (Atwater, Calif./Buhach).

Given his circumstance, chances are Seymour will take advantage of the opportunity to compete against some of the best around with hopes his efforts will help him gain added exposure. Joining the upper echelon of the nation's prospects remains the goal.

"There's nothing better than going up against some top competition, that's how you become the best,'' Seymour said. "I'm humble, but I also have a lot of pride. My skills are good, they can put me over the top. I want to prove that to everyone out there.''