Recruiting Road Trip 2004


ESPN.com recruiting expert Tom Lemming has embarked on his annual search for the nation's top prep football prospects.

August 18: Western Pennsylvania
The talent pool in western Pennsylvania is not as deep this year, but there is some talent.

  • Western flavor

    August 16: Southern Florida
    While northern Florida's Class of 2005 might have a lot of talent, the prospects in southern Florida are even better.

  • Florida keys

    August 13: Northern Florida
    Northern Florida's Class of 2005 will make dreams come true for a lot of recruiters from across the country.

  • Magic kingdom

    August 11: Georgia
    With the talent around the state this year, recruiters across the nation have Georgia on their minds.

  • Old sweet song

    August 9: Maryland
    While Derrick Williams has recruiters streaming into Maryland, the wideout is not the state's only talent.

  • Chesapeake Bay retrievers

    August 6: Ohio
    A talented collection of wide receivers and linemen are making the most noise in the Buckeye State this year.

  • The Ohio players

    August 4: Minnesota
    Minnesota might be known for the number of lakes within its borders, but talented linemen are another staple of the state.

  • Super size me

    August 2: Iowa and Kansas
    While neither Iowa nor Kansas are exactly recruiting hotbeds, one of those states does have more talent than usual.

  • Tale of two states

    July 30: Missouri
    From receivers and tight ends to defensive linemen and running backs, the Show Me State delivers.

  • Missouri traveler

    July 28: Oklahoma
    Oklahoma does not produce a tremendous number of players, but it does have a few terrific prospects this year.

  • Numbers game

    July 26: Louisiana
    Louisiana's Class of 2005 does not have great depth, but it does have a few spectacularly talented prospects.

  • Cajun cooking

    July 23: Southeast Texas
    Whether searching for linemen or skill position players, recruiters can strike it rich along the Texas Gulf Coast.

  • Texas wildcatting

    July 20: Central Texas
    Dallas and Houston might have better overall depth, but Central Texas is loaded with talented prospects.

  • Deep in the heart of Texas

    July 16: North Texas
    Northern Texas' Class of 2005 is loaded with quality players, especially along the line of scrimmage.

  • Roundup underway in North Texas

    July 13: Arizona/Nevada
    While Arizona and Nevada don't have the most blue-chippers, there are still a few quality players.

  • Quality over quantity

    July 9: Southern California -- offense
    It's a good year for offensive players in Southern California, especially for quarterbacks.

  • SoCal's loaded with QBs

    July 6: Southern California -- defense
    While Southern California is known for being laid back, there are plenty of defensive stars with motors that don't quit.

  • SoCal stocked with defenders

    July 1: Northern California
    Just like much of the wine in Northern California, the region's Class of 2005 football prospects have aged well.

  • Quality vintage

    June 25: Washington/Oregon
    The Pacific Northwest in breathtakingly beautiful. And the recruits in the region are pretty good as well.

  • Stars shine in the Pacific Northwest

    June 22: Colorado/Utah
    There's enough talent in the Colorado and Utah to ensure that recruiters will be heading to the Rockies this year.

  • Twin peaks

    June 18: Central and Eastern Pennsylvania
    The deep talent pool in eastern Pennsylvania have college scouts from across the country camping out in the state.

  • Deep waters

    June 15: New England
    It's never a great year for football talent in the New England area, but every couple of years a few gems will emerge.

  • D-Linemen dominate New England

    June 11: Wisconsin
    It's a very good year for recruiting in Wisconsin, including some great linemen.

  • Wisconsin loaded with linemen

    June 8: New York
    It's an unusually good year for football talent in New York, and the nation's No. 1 prospect just might emerge from the Empire State.

  • The Empire (State) strikes back

    June 4: Illinois defense
    Illinois' Class of 2005 includes a solid crop of defenders, highlighted by a strong group of linemen.

  • Walk the line

    June 1: Illinois offense
    The Illinois Class of 2005 is loaded with outstanding talent on offense, especially at running back.

  • Sweet home Chicago

    May 25: New Jersey defense
    New Jersey brings two very talented linebackers and a deep crop of defensive backs to the Class of 2005 dance.

  • Garden party

    May 21: New Jersey offense
    New Jersey is loaded at RB and WR, but a tackle from Plainfield is attracting the most attention on offense.

  • Block and tackle

    May 18: Virginia defense
    Not only does Virginia have its share of offensive prospects for 2005, but it's also home to a host of athletic defenders.

  • Sweet Virginia

    May 14: Virginia offense
    Elan Lewis is one of the best RBs in the nation -- the rest of Virginia's offensive Class of 2005 is pretty good too.

  • Meet Virginia

    May 11: Memphis area
    Sporting its best collection of talent in 15 years, the Memphis area will have recruiters walking with their feet ten feet off of Beale.

  • Walking in Memphis

    May 8: Mississippi
    The overall blue-chip talent in Mississippi might be down, but the state boasts an abundance of talent at QB and one terrific DL.

  • Delta force

    May 4: Alabama
    Alabama's Class of 2004 was loaded with talent, but besides a few receivers, it's an entirely different story this year.

  • Limited stakes

    April 30: Michigan (defense)
    The strength of Michigan's Class of 2005 prospects is on defense, especially at linebacker and defensive back.

  • Witness for the defense

    April 27: Michigan (offense)
    Michigan has some talented offensive prospects for 2005, but none is more impressive than RB Kevin Grady.

  • Great expectations for talented Michigan back

    April 23: Nebraska
    Nebraska might not have the deepest talent pool in the nation, but it does have a couple of sizzling prospects.

  • Some like it hot

    April 20: South Carolina
    Don't expect to find a banner crop of recruits in the Palmetto State this year, but there are a few gems on both sides of the ball.

  • Sparse crop in usually fertile South Carolina

    April 16: North Carolina
    North Carolina is loaded with offensive talent this year, especially at quarterback, running back and wide receiver.

  • Gone to Carolina

    Road trip schedule

    August 20: Central/Eastern Tennessee and Arkansas

    Check back frequently as more stops on Tom Lemming's recruiting trip will be added.