No. 5 team will also get bye

10/1/2003 - Baylor Bears

GRAPEVINE, Texas -- Big 12 officials have recommended an
11-team, 10-game men's basketball tournament in March to adjust for the absence of Baylor.

School presidents must approve the recommendation made Wednesday by a group including the league's athletic directors and faculty representatives. Big 12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg said that could
come within 10 days.

Weiberg said that under the 11-team format, there would be three
games the first day, matching the Nos. 6 and 11 seeds, the Nos. 7
and 10 and Nos. 8 and 9. The No. 5 seed will draw a first-round
bye, unlike under the normal 12-team tournament when only the top four are off the first day.

Baylor won't play in the tournament March 11-14 in Dallas
because of self-imposed penalties.

Baylor launched an internal inquiry into possible NCAA
violations after allegations surfaced of improper payments to
players following the disappearance of player Patrick Dennehy, who was later found dead. Coach Dave Bliss and athletic director Tom Stanton resigned, and the school placed itself on a two-year
probation with no postseason play after the 2003-04 season.

In addition to the format for the basketball tournament, Weiberg
said groups from Denver, Kansas City and St. Louis made
presentations for the 2004 football championship game.

"Since we moved the rotation to two southern area cities,
Dallas in 2001 and Houston in 2002, we had predetermined to have the football championship in a northern area city in both 2003 (Kansas City) and 2004," Weiberg said.