Ariza to miss at least four games

11/28/2003 - UCLA Bruins

LOS ANGELES -- UCLA freshman forward Trevor Ariza will miss
the next two weeks because he suffered a collapsed lung during
practice, the school said Friday.

Ariza was pulled from practice on Thursday after he complained
of pain in his upper left back while breathing, according to a

Ariza, who has asthma, was diagnosed Friday with spontaneous
pneumothorax, which occurs when air or gas collects in the pleural
cavity of the chest and causes the lung to collapse. The cause can
involve the rupture of a small air- or fluid-filled sac in the
lungs. The treatment involves allowing the lung to re-expand.

Ariza will miss at least four games, including Saturday's season
opener against Vermont.

"We all feel for Trevor and his family," UCLA coach Ben
Howland said. "We're thankful it was caught early and he'll return
to practice in a couple of weeks. ... We're going to err on the
side of caution and make sure Trevor's completely well before he
returns to practice."