Okafor has deal with College Sports Network

NEW ORLEANS -- A month after leading Connecticut to an NCAA
championship, Emeka Okafor has the first endorsement deal of his
impending professional basketball career.

The College Sports Television Network introduced Okafor as its
new celebrity spokesman on Tuesday during a national cable
television convention in New Orleans.

Okafor and his agent, Jeff Schwartz, said it was a multiyear
deal but declined to get into specifics about its length or the
money involved. Brian Bedol, president of the year-old network,
also declined to get into specifics other than to call it "a
significant investment for us."

"This isn't something he's doing for the money, he'll make
plenty of money over his professional career," Bedol said. "He
believes in what we're doing."

Okafor will graduate this weekend with a degree in finance and a
nearly 3.8 grade-point average after three years of college.

"I just like the whole idea -- having a channel committed to
college sports and being a student-athlete," Okafor said, adding
that he was friendly with student athletes in other sports and
would be glad to help them get more exposure.

"I like the fact this channel will encompass a lot of sports,
sports that might not get that much coverage on other channels.
They can get the proper attention."

Okafor has had a busy month since UConn's triumph over Georgia
Tech in the national title game April 5. He went from ringing the
opening bell on Wall Street to attending the Wooden Award ceremony
in Los Angeles. He was a finalist for the award, won by Saint
Joseph's guard Jameer Nelson.

"It seems like I've been around the world and back three times
over," Okafor said.

Okafor said he is not concerned with whether he's the No. 1
overall pick and would look forward to playing for whichever team
takes him.

"I think I'd be fortunate enough just to be able to play in
that league," he said.

Okafor said staying in college an additional year likely
improved his draft status, but that was not why he did it.

"I had one more year to graduation ... I knew the (NCAA)
national championship was within my reach,'' Okafor said. "It was
just the best time of my life. It's never going to come again and I
wanted to have another year just to soak it all in."