Trial to decide whether records to be made public

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- A judge has scheduled a one-day trial
to determine whether Indiana University must release records
related to the firing of former men's basketball coach Bob Knight.

Morgan County Judge Jane Spencer Craney said she will decide
after hearing arguments from attorneys for IU and The Indianapolis
Star on Sept. 8 whether the records should be made public.

The Star sued the university after it refused to turn over
documents related to Knight's firing in September 2000. Knight was
fired for violating a "zero tolerance" behavior policy by
grabbing the arm of a student who he said greeted him by his last

Craney, appointed to the case as special judge, initially ruled
in favor of IU. But the newspaper appealed, and the Indiana Court
of Appeals sent the case back to the judge in May 2003.

Knight is now the head coach at Texas Tech.

The appeals court ruled that Indiana University did not have to
make public an IU Police Department investigation of Knight's
confrontation with IU student Kent Harvey, the incident that led to
the coach's dismissal.

But it said the university might have to turn over a report by
trustees Fred Eichhorn and John Walda on their investigation of
whether Knight choked player Neil Reed at a practice, The
Herald-Times reported Thursday.

The appeals court said the report by Eichhorn and Walda should
be made public if they were acting as trustees. But if they were
lawyers representing the university, the court said, the report
would be confidential under attorney-client privilege.

The Star asked the Indiana Supreme Court to review the case, but
it declined, sending it back to Craney.

Knight also sued the university over his firing but dropped the
suit in February, six months after a Monroe County judge ruled
against him.