University's fundraising arm bears brunt of costs

LITTLE ROCK -- Nolan Richardson's discrimination lawsuit
against the University of Arkansas and its fund-raising arm has
cost $429,651 so far to defend and that figure could rise,
officials said.

The current figure includes expenses such as the work of
inhouse, salaried legal counsel and travel costs for Fayetteville
campus defendants. The trial was held in Little Rock.

The University of Arkansas Foundation Inc. is bearing the
majority of the burden. Since March 2002, the foundation has paid
$371,821 to the Little Rock law firm of Kaplan, Brewer, Maxey and

Richardson, the former Arkansas head basketball coach, filed a
racial discrimination lawsuit Dec. 19, 2002, after Arkansas
administrators fired him in March 2002. U.S. District Judge Bill
Wilson said last week that he will issue a written verdict in the

The Fayetteville campus thus far has received and paid $57,830
for the litigation, including $33,643 to Sarah James, a former
associate general counsel who was employed on an hourly basis.

The rest of the university's bills included travel, lodging,
meals, witness fees, depositions, copying and miscellaneous costs.

UA System general counsel Fred Harrison didn't attempt to
account for the work of four full-time salaried university
attorneys, including himself.

The cost figures also exclude travel costs for UA Chancellor
John A. White and athletic director Frank Broyles. Rogers said
total costs for travel haven't been compiled.

Broyles said his department would sort out the costs sometime
after June 30, the end of the fiscal year.