Psychologist: Hearing voices 'suspect'

Updated: January 27, 2005, 10:39 PM ET
Associated Press

WACO, Texas -- A former Baylor basketball player accused of killing a teammate has regained his competence to stand trial and is ready to be returned from a state hospital, a psychologist says.

Carlton Dotson, 22, had been taken to North Texas State Hospital in Vernon after a defense psychologist, state psychiatrist and court-appointed independent psychiatrist all found that Dotson was incompetent to stand trial in the death of Patrick Dennehy.

Dennehy's body was found in a field near Baylor's Waco campus in July 2003. He had been missing for about six weeks.

In a report to District Judge George Allen, hospital psychologist Thomas Gray said Dotson is ready to be returned to the McLennan County Jail. Gray said Dotson must continue to receive psychriatic care, take prescribed medication and not use alcohol and illegal drugs, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported in its Friday editions.

"Failure to follow these recommendations could well result in deterioration of his condition and a return to trial incompetency," Gray said.

In an eight-page report signed by Dr. Joseph Black, chief psychiatrist in the Vernon hospital's competency program, Gray said Dotson's accounts of hearing voices and seeing things are "suspect."

"Mr. Dotson has reported various psychotic symptoms, focused especially on voices he says he hears," Gray writes in his report summary, the newspaper reported. "His accounting of these symptoms has been markedly inconsistent from interview to interview, and results of psychological testing contribute to the conclusion that his report of symptoms is suspect."

A few days before Dennehy was found dead, Dotson was arrested in his home state of Maryland after calling police from a store, saying he was hearing voices and needed counseling. Officers took him to a hospital, where he contacted the FBI.

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