Panel to consider rules change May 30

INDIANAPOLIS -- The rule allowing a player to call timeout while airborne or falling out of bounds might be eliminated for both men's and women's college teams this season.

The Basketball Rules Committees agreed that a change needs to be made and a proposal will be sent to the Playing Rules Oversight Panel for final approval on May 30.

Larry Keating, men's basketball rules committee chairman, said Friday that the timeout proposal stemmed from concerns about the difficulty officials have determining whether timeouts were called, the potential for injury and the unfair advantage it creates when
players use timeouts to avoid turnovers.

"With players holding the ball with two hands, diving out of bounds, there's some risk of injury," he said. "The NBA had that problem four years ago and dealt with it. I just think it was
something that everybody wanted to see and we were willing to do

Another proposal could force Division II and Division III schools to add clocks with tenth-of-a second displays and mounted shot clocks above the backboards by 2010.

The men will experiment with eliminating the first lane station on either side of the basket this season, aligning it with the women's game. The women will experiment with a 20-foot-6 3-point line and a 10-second backcourt rule.