Memorial service held for Georgia basketball player

Updated: July 24, 2006, 10:08 PM ET
Associated Press

ATHENS, Ga. -- A memorial service was held Monday for Kevin Brophy, a University of Georgia basketball player killed in an auto accident last week.

About 450 people, including Brophy's parents from Melbourne, Australia, gathered for the 90-minute service.

"This life of his was packed solid," said Father Jack McDowell, director of the university's Catholic Center. "He lived life to its fullest and desired to live it for a long time."

Also taking part in the service were Georgia basketball coach Dennis Felton, university President Michael Adams, Brophy's girlfriend, Molly Ramage, and Brophy's Bulldog teammates.

"We're all dreamers, but Kevin wasn't a dreamer -- he was a dream-doer," said Maxine Sussman, the wife of Mark Sussman, athletic director at Savannah's Memorial Day School, where Brophy spent his senior year in high school as an exchange student.

Brophy died in a two-car crash Thursday. He was driving home alone to Savannah from Athens when his car collided with another vehicle, police said.

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