Wooden recovering, could be released Thursday

LOS ANGELES -- The daughter of John Wooden expressed optimism that the former UCLA coach will be released Thursday from a hospital where he has been treated for a reaction to a combination of medications.

"Dad is feeling better and we hope he will be released tomorrow," Nan Muehlhausen said in a statement Wednesday. "The doctors wanted him to have some solid food in his system before they let him go home. Hopefully, that will be tomorrow."

The 96-year-old Hall of Fame coach has been in a Los Angeles-area hospital since Sunday when he began suffering symptoms similar to those he experienced a year ago when he was hospitalized for diverticulitis, an inflammation of pockets in the colon.

Doctors believe Wooden suffered from a reaction to a combination of medications, including one for arthritis. They adjusted the dosage of those medications to ensure he doesn't have further bleeding, Muehlhausen said Tuesday.

Wooden hadn't been given any more blood transfusions, she said. He had four since Sunday.

Wooden was in a hospital for three days in April 2006 for diverticulitis. It can lead to serious infection if contents from the intestine leak into the abdomen.

He had to cancel a speaking engagement Wednesday at Kansas State University because he was hospitalized.

Wooden retired from UCLA in 1975 with a record of 620-147 in 27 years as coach. The Bruins won 10 national titles under him, including seven in a row. The streak included 38 straight NCAA Tournament victories.