25 Greatest Players In College Basketball

Originally Published: March 8, 2008

Read the list and watch the highlights as ESPN counts down the IBM Top 25 Greatest Players in College Basketball history.

How did basketball save the No. 1 player, Lew Alcindor, from bullies? Listen to an excerpt from Kareem Abdul-Jabaar's new audio book "On the Shoulders of Giants: My Audio & Musical Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance."

No. 1 Lew Alcindor

No. 2 Oscar Robertson

No. 3 Bill Walton

No. 4 Bill Russell

No. 5 Pete Maravich

No. 6 Jerry West

No. 7 Bill Bradley

No. 8 David Thompson

No. 9 Larry Bird

No. 10 Wilt Chamberlain

No. 11 Jerry Lucas

No. 12 Christian Laettner

No. 13 Michael Jordan

No. 14 Elvin Hayes

No. 15 Magic Johnson

No. 16 Patrick Ewing

No. 17 Tom Gola

No. 18 Ralph Sampson

No. 19 Elgin Baylor

No. 20 Bob Kurland

No. 21 Tim Duncan

No. 22 Austin Carr

No. 23 Calvin Murphy

No. 24 David Robinson

No. 25 George Mikan