Report: Ohio prep association says Mayo's high school will keep titles

On the same day former USC player O.J. Mayo again denied accepting improper benefits, the Ohio High School Athletic Association said his team could keep its state titles.

OHSAA assistant commissioner Bob Goldring told the Cincinnati Enquirer that a bylaw says that eligibillity concerns must be raised within 42 days following the last state championship. Mayo led North College Hill to championships in 2005 and '06.

Louis Johnson, a former associate of Mayo's, told ESPN's "Outside the Lines" that Mayo received about $30,000 and other benefits while in high school and during his one season at USC.

Mayo reiterated to the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday that he didn't do anything improper.

"My family hasn't accepted anything, so I'm just waiting for the NCAA to do what they have to do to prove that I haven't done anything wrong," Mayo said, according to the Times. "I have nothing to hide, so I'm willing to do whatever to hurry the process."

As for Johnson's accusations, Mayo told the Times that he was "mad at the fact that he said I accepted some money. I have never received any cash from any agencies or anything. The money I've got, friends send it from home or my school check."

OHSAA commissioner Dan Ross didn't believe Mayo's high school was involved in any improprieties.

"At this point we're not looking into it," Ross said, according to the Enquirer. "None of us believe that North College Hill was complicit in any of that. The people at North College Hill have always been as straightforward as they could be. Their integrity has always been first-rate."

North College Hill coach Jamie Mahaffey said that he didn't see any evidence of illegal benefits when Mayo was at the school.

"Nothing like that stuff was even close to going on," he said, according to the Enquirer. "… Those kids had good surroundings while they were here."