Coach K Still Representing Team USA


Recently the news came out that Mike Krzyzewski would coach the U. S. Olympic basketball team in London in 2012.

That was a great decision to have Coach K and Jerry Colangelo team up again. Just look at the success they enjoyed at the last Olympics, restoring the glory and a sense of pride and passion in wearing the red, white and blue.

To all of those critics screaming that this could affect his performance as head coach at Duke, I believe you are in Never Never Land!


How is it going to hurt recruiting? Don't you think young kids wouldn't be excited about playing for the leader of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and others? Those guys were singing Coach K's praises as the USA got the gold in 2008. It is a tremendous selling point for those considering the Blue Devils.

Let me tell you, Krzyzewski is motivated and fired up like you could not believe.

I don't know what the results will be down at Duke. This season, he has Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer leading the returning talent, and I feel the Blue Devils are a top 10 team once again.

Coach K is always well prepared. His ability will have his team ready for the challenges of the ACC, as well as tournament time. He will do a fine job representing Duke.

Everybody benefits with Krzyzewski leading the USA basketball team.