Mike Sutton retiring at Tenn. Tech

Tennessee Tech coach Mike Sutton is retiring and assistant coach Steve Payne will succeed him, Sutton told ESPN.com on Wednesday.

The 55-year-old Sutton led the Golden Eagles to a 20-win season. The coach at Tennessee Tech for nine seasons, Sutton might be most-known for battling GBS, a neuromuscular disorder that nearly killed him in 2005. He's had to coach while in a wheelchair and most recently with a cane.

"I'm a six-year survivor with GBS," Sutton said, "but it's time to retire and leave the program in Steve's hands. We're going to be really good next year."

The Golden Eagles finished fourth (12-6) in the Ohio Valley Conference this season.

Senior writer Andy Katz covers men's college basketball for ESPN.com.