NCAA Tournament Bracket Projections

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Originally Published: March 13, 2011
By Joe Lunardi | Special to ESPN Insider

Before filling out your Tournament Challenge bracket, take some time and do your homework. For the seventh consecutive year, ESPN's Joe Lunardi has assigned a team of bracketologists to put together Insider's Tournament Tips, offering in-depth breakdowns and historical analysis of the bracket for all 68 tournament teams to help you make smart picks. Click on any of the teams below to get the inside scoop.


East Regional
1. Ohio State vs. 16. UTSA/Alabama State Simulate this game
2. North Carolina vs. 15. LIU Simulate this game
3. Syracuse vs. 14. Indiana State Simulate this game
4. Kentucky vs. 13. Princeton Simulate this game
5. West Virginia vs. 12. UAB/Clemson Simulate this game
6. Xavier vs. 11. Marquette Simulate this game
7. Washington vs. 10. Georgia Simulate this game
8. George Mason vs. 9. Villanova Simulate this game
Southeast Regional
1. Pittsburgh vs. 16. UNC-Asheville/Arkansas-Little Rock Simulate this game
2. Florida vs. 15. UC Santa Barbara Simulate this game
3. BYU vs. 14. Wofford Simulate this game
4. Wisconsin vs. 13. Belmont Simulate this game
5. Kansas State vs. 12. Utah State Simulate this game
6. St. John's vs. 11. Gonzaga Simulate this game
7. Michigan State vs. 10. UCLA Simulate this game
8. Butler vs. 9. Old Dominion Simulate this game
Southwest Regional
1. Kansas vs. 16. Boston University Simulate this game
2. Notre Dame vs. 15. Akron Simulate this game
3. Purdue vs. 14. St. Peter's Simulate this game
4. Louisville vs. 13. Morehead State Simulate this game
5. Vanderbilt vs. 12. Richmond Simulate this game
6. Georgetown vs. 11. USC/VCU Simulate this game
7. Texas A&M vs. 10. Florida State Simulate this game
8. UNLV vs. 9. Illinois Simulate this game
West Regional
1. Duke vs. 16. Hampton Simulate this game
2. San Diego State vs. 15. Northern Colorado Simulate this game
3. UConn vs. 14. Bucknell Simulate this game
4. Texas vs. 13. Oakland Simulate this game
5. Arizona vs. 12. Memphis Simulate this game
6. Cincinnati vs. 11. Missouri Simulate this game
7. Temple vs. 10. Penn State Simulate this game
8. Michigan vs. 9. Tennessee Simulate this game


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About the simulations: Results are based on more than 3,000 simulations for every NCAA tournament game that calculate how each team's performance changes in response to game conditions and its opponent's abilities. Each game is simulated one play at a time, and the game is replayed a minimum of 3,000 times to generate forecasted winning percentages and player statistics.

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