Peach Brawl: Fight breaks out after LSU victory

Updated: December 31, 2005, 12:49 AM ET
Associated Press

ATLANTA -- The game was bad enough for the Miami Hurricanes. What happened immediately after was even worse.

No. 9 Miami suffered its worst loss in more than seven years on Friday night, a 40-3 defeat to 10th-ranked LSU in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl -- a game marred by a skirmish near one of the field exit tunnels shortly after the game.

Miami coach Larry Coker said he was told the incident started when an LSU player tried to grab a game ball from a ballboy on the Hurricanes' sideline. That sparked a meleé with more than a dozen players involved in some capacity, and which apparently led to two Miami players being knocked unconscious.

"As a university, as a football program, we don't condone any type of activities such as that," Coker said. "Certainly, I think, that detracts from a great bowl game and what the spirit of college football is all about."

Coker said the two unconscious players were Andrew Bain and Khalil Jones. Neither was hospitalized, said Coker, who was told that those players were injured by someone swinging a helmet during the scuffle.

Miami players were not made available for comment after the game.

"That was a bunch of craziness," LSU offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth said.

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