Would the Ol' Ballcoach come back?

11/4/2004 - Florida Gators

Here's a quick look at five coaches who might be on Florida's short list to replace Ron Zook.

1. Steve Spurrier: The Ol' Ballcoach left Florida because of a dispute with athletic director Jeremy Foley, but that won't stop Foley from making inquiries, if only because the Gator Nation will demand it. Still, it's hard to imagine they could work together again.

2. Bob Stoops: Foley made a run at him three years ago. Again, until Stoops says no, all it costs Foley is a couple of cellphone minutes.

3. Urban Meyer: A logical candidate because of his ties to the University of Florida president and because he has shown an ability to win a lot of games at both Bowling Green and Utah.

4. Rich Rodriguez: He's home at West Virginia, and he's winning, and he's a big fish in the smaller Big East pond. Would he be interested in the bigger pond?

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