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6:00 PM ET, January 21, 2012

1 2 3 4 T
AMR 0 7 7 014
NTL 3 14 0 320
American Drive Summaries
05:50105:50AMR 17915Punt
10:29201:38AMR 313-3Punt
03:20200:05AMR 221-9Fumble
03:06200:52AMR 293-3Fumble
02:14200:23AMR 36336Passing Touchdown
00:28200:28AMR 10553End of Half
15:00303:25AMR 24724Punt
08:10304:38AMR 32968Passing Touchdown
01:53301:46AMR 31516Interception
14:28400:10AMR 2710Interception
13:23405:35AMR 20742Punt
05:46400:22AMR 3130Punt
04:31403:29AMR 31611Turnover on Downs
National Drive Summaries
15:00109:10NTL 241468Field Goal Good
00:00104:31NTL 36964Rushing Touchdown
08:51205:31NTL 27750Field Goal Missed
03:15200:09NTL 20120Rushing Touchdown
01:51201:23NTL 24531Punt
11:35303:25NTL 8516Punt
03:32301:39NTL 2937Punt
00:07300:39NTL 253-1Punt
14:18400:55NTL 3244Field Goal Good
09:48402:02NTL 139Punt
05:23400:53NTL 363-2Punt
01:02401:02NTL 4027End of Half