Green Wave pays $2,500 nuisance fee

NEW ORLEANS -- Tulane paid a $2,500 "nuisance fee" to
settle a $1 million lawsuit that Georgia filed over three canceled
football games, Tulane officials said Friday.

Tulane said it canceled the games under a clause that Georgia
had inserted in the contract for the schools to play, but Georgia
accused Tulane of fraud.

After a series of depositions and court hearings, Georgia
admitted it lost no money because of Tulane's cancellations and
withdrew the fraud claims.

Tulane asserted that Georgia in fact made more money than it
would have had Tulane played the games.

The first open date left by Tulane's cancellation was filled
last season by Northwestern State, which accepted $50,000 less than
Tulane to play in Georgia. The game still was a sellout.

Tulane officials said they agreed to pay a small fee to avoid
the expense of court even though they expected the case ultimately would be

"Tulane University believed from the very beginning that the
suit was without merit," school spokeswoman Debbie Grant said.
"It should never have been filed, and it unfortunately caused both
institutions to unnecessarily expend financial resources on a
frivolous matter."

Georgia public affairs officials did not return phone messages
left Friday.