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Updated: November 30, 2003, 11:08 AM ET

Looks like Syracuse's new duds had people thinking about football fashions again this week. Other topics of interest included BYU, Lloyd Carr's halftime interview and Wazzu.

Here's what you had to say about the Week 13 rankings:

Uniform thinking

How can you even put Wyoming's uniforms ahead of either of Oregon's uniforms. Their yellow uniforms are an eyesore to look at and the greeen ones aren't much better. Now Wyoming might need to be put on the Bottom 10 for how they have been playing the last couple of weeks, but not for their uniforms.

Guiernsey, Wyo.

Could someone please post a picture of these god awful Wyoming uniforms? They aren't good enough to play on TV and I want to see what the big deal is.

Sioux City, Iowa

What about Oregon's all yellow Cirque de Soleil uniforms?

Graham Murphy
North Carolina

But as long as we're discussing uniforms, Oregon's Yellow uniforms beat Wyoming's and Syracuse's combined! Open your eyes! Wait... don't, because the glare will blind you.

Max Aquino
Pullman, Wash.

What is it with you guys and the Wyoming uniforms? I thought the Page 2 bracket settled once and for all that our uniforms aren't that bad.... Granted, ours are not Penn State, but they're not Oregon. And the Steamboat logo is one of the most recognizeable in all of college sports, so at least give us SOME credit for nice helmets.

Anyway, with all our late home games this year you can't even see the uniforms from the stands through all the snow.

Laramie, Wyo.

Lloyd, Lloyd's not null and void

Lloyd Carr's halftime interview was a classic. It should have received votes for the Power 16, not the Bottom 10. I am glad that a coach finally made those sideline reporters feel as stupid as the look for asking those questions. Michigan was up 14 at HOME against OSU. Kneel the ball and let your defense win it in the second half. That interview will be a classic for years to come. Hail to the Victors and Lloyd Carr.

Andy Freund
Madison, Wis.

Lloyd Carr's halftime interview? Give me a break. That had to be the dumbest question I have ever heard. The man just coached the best half of college football this year, and your going to defend a reporter that had the audacity to ask that question? That reporter only proved one thing, while being supported by any who complained about the snub, that most 'football analyst's' have no idea what they are talking about. But they think they do because they have a mic and a smirk. You should be ashamed.

Detroit, Mich.

Black days, Black Knights

Now, if a team was returning champion and had zero losses would you really put them any lower than No. 1, especially when they have been blowing out every team they play? I think not; therefore, Army should be number one in the Bottom 10; We have yet to win a game, we face another horrible embarrassment on national TV for yet another year, and we have not even gotten close to winning once. If this were the BCS Standings, Army not being number one would be the only thing that ESPN was talking about, be it on TV, print or the Internet.

West Point, NY

"First in war, first in peace, and last in the NCAA."

Have you used it already, or are you saving it for after Navy torpedoes the Army of One?

Dennis Gilbertson
Palo Alto, Calif.

The surfing was awesome. The food was great. The women were beautiful. The game was...well it wasn't the bright spot of the weekend. But Navy still sucks.

West Point, N.Y.

Talkin' No. 5

I agree with wazzu being on the list, but they should be number one. 3 years in a row we have ruined and chance for them to make noise nationally. They have been choking big time, its a beautiful thing. udub in 04 baby


WSU?! That was cruel.

David Clarke
Ruidoso, N.M.

HEY! Look at that, Washington State Couged it. Is anyone shocked? I'm a big Cougar fan and I sure wasn't. Throw out the records, WSU is flat out afraid to play UW.

Bryan French
Kalamazoo, Mich.

And the nominees are ...

My alma mater gives up 50 points at home for the first time ever, does it again, and then gets shut out for the first time in 361 games during rivalry week. What does BYU have to do to get a permanent spot on this page?

Baltimore, Md.

Tie for 5th place: Auburn/Alabama

AU for their mishandling of the coaching situation this past week. UA-Tuscaloser for "firing" a cheerleader just because he said the words "War Eagle", yet allowing a pot-smoking, recently arrested football player to remain on the football team with only a very brief suspension.

Chapel Hill, N.C.

How about putting Virginia Tech in the Bottom 10 for their usual late season slump? My Hokies really frustrate me this time of year.

Newton, Mass.

Come on! Where is Penn State? We deserve a spot and not just a mention. When you have good teams you can read about your team. When they are mediocre you cannot find articles about your team. The only chance I have to read about my Nittany Lions is in the Bottom 10.

Keith Kerns
Harrisburg, Pa

Guys please, how could you leave us off your dignified list, ASU is brutal without exception, but it does give me an extra reason to go drink, i think the moon and all the stars could align, and hell we still would have the same record, done.

Paul K.
Tempe, Ariz.

As an Iowa State alumni, I am outraged that getting blown out by Kansas (not Kansas State) does not earn them a spot in the Bottom 10. ISU now has a shot at a perfect (0-8) Big XII record. Even Baylor has a better conference record.

Nathan Linquist
Boise, Idaho

Carolina was certainly deserving of their spot in the Bottom 10 following their rather lame and pathetic attempt to mount a comeback against, of all teams the Blue Devils. At least the Tar Heel faithful have something to be thankful - that their sorry excuse for a football season has ended, albeit mericfully.

Durham, N.C.

Why can't Mississippi state seem to crack the Bottom 5? Other than a fluke against Memphis, their only other win was a thriller against lowly Vandy. Don't they get any quality loss points for losing to Houston or Tulane. Also, I think the margin of loss should be taken into account. They are losing games by scores only matched by OU's opponents.

Vicksburg, Miss.

Just wanted to say, being a Notre Dame fan, this is the only thing that kept the proper perspective on the season and kept up my sense of humor -- after all, imagine being a UTEP fan.

Nashua, N.H.