Kiffin: No contact has been made

The search is on at Nebraska with Frank Solich out as head coach, and the buzz that Monte Kiffin could be a possible successor is brewing.

The St. Petersburg Times reported on Thursday that Kiffin, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator, is a likely consideration for the Cornhuskers to restore the football program's luster, but Kiffin says no talks have taken place.

"It is my alma mater. I coached there, you know. I played there, you know," Kiffin told the newspaper. "So if they asked me, I'd listen, there's no doubt about that. But at the present time, I've had no contact with Nebraska."

Kiffin was a Cornhuskers tackle from 1959-63 and began his coaching career there in 1966 under Bob Devaney.

"Everybody back home thinks the world of Monte and respects him," former Nebraska quarterback Scott Frost told the paper. "I'm not really sure what the AD [Steve Pederson] there is thinking. But I know if I was him, I'd take a look at Monte. He's the best in the business."

Frost, a safety in the NFL, signed with the Bucs on Tuesday.

Solich, who was fired on Saturday, finished the season 9-3 with the Cornhuskers, and was 58-19 overall.