School wants to keep its coach awhile

12/11/2003 - LSU Tigers

BATON ROUGE, La. -- LSU Chancellor Mark Emmert and Athletic
Director Skip Bertman say they have plans to reward coach Nick
Saban with a new and even more lucrative contract after the Tigers
play for the national championship in the Sugar Bowl.

They aren't sure how lucrative the deal will be yet.

"Skip and I are in agreement that we want to make sure Nick is
our coach for a long time," Emmert said. "We need to make sure
there are immediate rewards and long-term rewards that provide the
kind of incentives that make Nick want to stay. But there's been
nothing more than preliminary conversations, mostly ideas of what
that might look like."

Saban's current package, drawn up shortly after LSU beat
Illinois in the Sugar Bowl two years ago, pays him $1.6 million per

It also contains an annuity that will pay him $1 million if he
stays at least two more years and a clause that guarantees Saban at
least $1 more per year than the current highest-paid coach if LSU
wins the national championship. That coach is Oklahoma's Bob
Stoops, whose package guarantees him $2.5 million annually.