ACC commissioner defends crew

The commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference said there "were a few missed calls that affected both teams" in the disputed Florida-Florida State game, but defended the embattled officials from his conference, saying no game is ever called perfectly.

ACC commissioner John Swofford released a statement Tuesday
stating that the league's review of the game was complete.

"The game had an inordinate number of difficult ball possession
calls for the game officials to make," Swofford said.

No fewer than six key calls went against the Gators in their
38-34 loss to the Seminoles last month. On Monday, Florida athletic
director Jeremy Foley said he had met with Swofford, who
acknowledged to him that some calls had been missed.

Neither Foley nor Swofford, in the five-paragraph statement he
released Tuesday, divulged whether the crew, headed by Jack
Childress, would be reprimanded.

"Those calls have to be made immediately with a single view at
full speed action," Swofford said. "Even with the aid of slow
motion and various camera angles, several calls are still
inconclusive as to whether they were absolutely the correct ones or

But, Swofford, conceded, "as in most games, there were a few
missed calls that affected both teams."

Foley said there was nothing more to pursue with the ACC
offices. He does, however, want to change the contract with Florida
State, and bring in officials from a neutral conference. The
current contract, which expires after next season, calls for a crew
from the conference of the visiting team to call the game.