NCAA prez to form task force

INDIANAPOLIS -- Responding to recent scandals, the NCAA will
look into making its recruiting rules more stringent.

NCAA president Myles Brand announced Thursday that he's forming
a new task force because he's concerned that recent allegations
could tarnish the NCAA's image.

In the most prominent case, three women are suing the University
of Colorado, saying they were raped at or after an off-campus party
for football recruits in December 2001.

At the University of Miami, a top football recruit is facing
criminal charges after surrendering to authorities Tuesday. Willie
Williams' record has 10 arrests -- a record the university said it
didn't know about when it signed him to a national letter-of-intent
Feb. 4.

Brand said NCAA vice president David Berst, the group's former
head of enforcement, will lead the task force.

"Given the information that is coming to light on some
recruiting practices, I am taking immediate action to address the
issue," Brand said. "Some of what has been alleged is morally
reprehensible and has no place in college sports.''

Brand said the task force will include members of the NCAA's
national office and school athletic administrators.