Rules on alcohol, drugs, harassment clarified

Updated: March 5, 2004, 11:23 PM ET
Associated Press

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Colorado State is tightening its football recruiting policies amid scandals at the University of Colorado and elsewhere.

Changes proposed by a committee headed by athletic director Mark Driscoll have been given to coaches to review. The changes will take effect after the coaches respond, Colorado State spokesman Gary Ozzello said.

"We review our policies every year, and we might have found the need to clarify some existing policies this year, but I don't think we would have looked at this issue so hard had it not been for the problems at some other schools," Ozzello said.

"We have not had any major issues in the recruiting process, and if everything is working, you are less inclined to make changes. But I do think a lot of good can come from this controversy."

Ozzello said many of the changes deal specifically with drug and alcohol use and sexual harassment and assault. The changes specifically ban underage drinking, illegal drug use and taking a recruit to a bar or party where strippers are present.

They changes spell out punishment for violations. Some infractions could result in expulsion for the player hosting the recruit, Ozzello said.

Meetings on sexual awareness, sexual assault, sexual harassment and the use of alcohol and drugs will now be mandatory for athletes, Ozzello said.

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