Humphrey acquitted of felony charges

BELLEFONTE, Pa. -- Penn State wide receiver Maurice Humphrey was acquitted Friday of felony assault charges, but could still face jail time after being found guilty of three misdemeanor charges for hitting two people.

Humphrey was accused of striking ex-girlfriend Jennifer Maline
and her friend Christopher Lolagne -- both members of Penn State's
track team -- at Maline's apartment on Nov. 23.

A jury acquitted Humphrey of aggravated assault, a felony that
would have required a state prison sentence.

Humphrey was found guilty of three misdemeanor counts of simple assault and could still face up to three years in jail.

Humphrey had 30 receptions, 410 receiving yards and one
touchdown in 2003. He was temporarily expelled by the university
after he was charged and his future at Penn State is unclear.