Assistant penalized for being 'careless' with tickets

5/28/2004 - Kentucky Wildcats

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Kentucky's offensive coordinator was
reprimanded and won't receive a scheduled pay raise after a
university investigation found he was "careless" with four
complimentary tickets last season.

Athletic director Mitch Barnhart recommended the punishment for
Ron Hudson and university President Lee Todd accepted it.

The punishment came after a two-week inquiry into a claim that
complimentary tickets to football games were used as payment to a
contractor for work done at Hudson's home.

No NCAA rules were broken. The NCAA does not legislate the
manner in which coaches' complimentary tickets may be used, but
school policy prohibits employees from selling or bartering
tickets. Hudson receives four football season tickets and two men's
basketball season tickets.

"I'm well aware of our university's policy regarding ticket
usage," Hudson said. "It wasn't my intent to show disregard for
that policy. This was an innocent mistake."