'Notre Dame does not want me there'

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Hall of Famer Paul Hornung said he won't
return to Notre Dame football radio broadcasts this season because
of a flap over his comments that the school should lower its
academic standards to recruit black athletes.

"The reason I'm not going to be on the air for my last year is
because Notre Dame does not want me there," Hornung told the South
Bend Tribune for Sunday editions.

Associate athletic director John Heisler said even though Notre
Dame has some input into who represents the school on the air, the
final decision was up to Westwood One Radio, which broadcasts the

"What the university's position is, is only a part of it,"
Heisler said. "We don't control the talent on broadcasting.
Westwood One determines that."

Westwood One sports director Larry Michael declined comment.

Notre Dame officials were highly critical of the remarks Hornung
made during a March radio interview, saying they were racially

Heisler was out of town Sunday and could not be reached by The
Associated Press for additional comment.

Hornung, the 1956 Heisman Trophy winner at Notre Dame and Hall
of Famer with the Green Bay Packers, has since apologized and said
that he meant to say that Notre Dame should lower its academic
standards to make it easier for athletes in general.

"I know I should not have said that. If they don't want to
forgive me, then that's their problem. I've done as much as I
can," Hornung told the Tribune. "They don't have to worry about
me embarrassing them again. If they don't want me, they won't see
me again."