BYU, police each investigate 17-year-old's claim

9/4/2004 - BYU Cougars

PROVO, Utah -- Brigham Young University has launched an
investigation into a 17-year-old girl's claim she was raped by
several men who may have been BYU football players.

The school's probe into possible violations of the Mormon
church-owned school's strict personal-conduct code is separate from
a police investigation, which was turned over Tuesday to the Utah
County Attorney's office for possible charges.

So far, none have been filed.

"It's going to be a little while," said Utah County Attorney
Kay Bryson. "This isn't something where we can just read a police
report and decide what we're going to do. We're going to do some
additional investigation. We're going to want to interview the
victim. There's some things we want to do before we make a

According to police documents, the girl claimed she met several
football players at a mall August 8 and went back to their
apartment, where they drank alcohol and watched a pornographic DVD.

The girl told police she felt sick and went into another room to
lie down, then woke up as one of the men allegedly was having sex
with her. She claimed at least three or four men also then had sex
with her.

BYU's Honor Code prohibits the use of alcohol and pornography
and any premarital or extramarital sex. Students who violate the
Honor Code may be placed on probation, suspended or expelled.