Weaver will sit out most of N. Arizona contest

HELENA, Mont. -- Portland State tight end Scott Weaver has
been suspended for three quarters of the Vikings' game at Northern Arizona for punching a Montana State player during a game last
weekend, the Big Sky Conference announced Thursday.

Officials didn't see Weaver punch Montana State defensive tackle Ray Sebestyen in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game, or Weaver
would have been immediately ejected and suspended for the first half of the NAU game, league commissioner Doug Fullerton said.

"I realize that a three-quarter suspension sounds odd,"
Fullerton said. "But I feel a three-quarter suspension most
closely mirrors the principles set forth in the rule book."

The punch happened right after Portland State kicked a 43-yard
field goal that gave the Vikings a 24-17 lead with 7:38 remaining.
Montana rallied for a 31-24 overtime victory.

The league did not immediately say where Sebestyen was struck.

The Big Sky Conference reserves the right to take action in
cases where flagrant acts take place on the field and the officials
do not penalize the offender at the time, the league said.

"Scott's actions met all the elements of the three-part test I
apply," Fullerton said. "The act was intentional, it was not a
football move and it was dangerous or injurious."

The Portland State-Montana State game was officiated by the same
crew that the league acknowledged incorrectly called a block in the
back on Montana's Jefferson Heidelberger during a punt a week
earlier. The call should have gone against Idaho State, the league

The crew -- referee Bruce Palmer, umpire Lou Tosti, linesman Glen
Hepner, line judge Pat Aluia, back judge Bob Rowling, field judge
Kevin Kieser and side judge Gary Peterson -- threw 24 penalty flags
in the Idaho State-Montana State game on Oct. 9.

"We've had a few situations of the past few weeks where I'm not
sure we got 'em right," Fullerton said. "We are working to get
that corrected."

Fullerton said he was still trying to verify complaints that the
officials missed two play clock violations by Portland State, one
on the 43-yard field goal and one on the final punt as the Vikings
apparently tried to take a delay of game penalty.

"We going to continue to try to get first generation, digital
shot of [the shot clock on the PSU field goal], which may show just
the bottom of the count down clock," Fullerton said.