Osborne says ADs not returning calls


OMAHA, Neb. -- Tom Osborne has been out of college football
for seven years, and now he can't even get a phone call returned.

The Nebraska coach-turned-congressman on Thursday bemoaned the
lack of response he received from athletic directors he called to
tout former Cornhusker assistants and players for job openings.

Osborne declined to name names, but said there were a lot of
athletic directors who blew off his messages.

"It's really amazing to me, the lack of common courtesy and
lack of decency,'' Osborne said. "It's disconcerting. It isn't the
way I normally would think people would conduct their business.''

Osborne said he's made many calls on behalf of Frank Solich,
Turner Gill, Jimmy Williams and Tony Samuel. Solich was hired
Thursday as Ohio University's head coach.

Osborne said he knows ADs are busy, but there should have been
some way to let him know whether the school was interested in his

"I know they have a whole stack of phone messages ... but you'd
think you could at least get an assistant AD, a secretary,
somebody, to call you back and say we're not interested.''

The athletic directors who have called him back haven't given
him much time, Osborne said.

"Maybe they don't think I know what I'm talking about,'' he

Osborne was 255-49-3 with three national championships in 25
years as Nebraska's head coach. His .836 winning percentage ranks
fifth all-time in Division I-A, and he is a member of the College
Football Hall of Fame.

He's now serving his third term as Nebraska's 3rd District
congressman and has been mentioned extensively as a candidate for
the 2006 Nebraska governor's race.