Player sticks to commitment to CSU

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Colorado State coach Sonny Lubick
accused coaches at rival Colorado of displaying "a major lack of
integrity" for approaching a high school prospect who had already
orally committed to CSU.
"All's fair in the recruiting game, but there comes a point
where you don't go [in] on the last day," Lubick said Thursday.
"Either you're there all along or you're not."
Colorado spokesman Dave Plati said CU doesn't speak with high
school players who have committed to another school unless the
player or his parent initiated the contact.
The player, James Morehead, said he believes the Colorado
recruiter knew he had committed to Colorado State when he spoke to
him on Wednesday.
Morehead's father, Gary, said neither he nor James initiated the
James Morehead said he still plans to attend CSU and had turned
down an offer of a full scholarship at Colorado.
"I have loyalty to the Rams," said Morehead, a 6-foot-6,
270-pound offensive lineman at ThunderRidge High School in south
suburban Denver. "They were looking at me the longest of any
school. I have great respect for them taking me at such an early
ThunderRidge coach Joe Johnson said the CU recruiter wanted to
make sure Morehead knew Colorado was interested him.
"I think they felt they had not communicated to James their
feeling and wanted to let him know they had a scholarship if he had
a change of heart," Johnson said.
An oral commitment is not binding, but college coaches usually
ask recruits who have made one to refrain from visiting other
Coaches are barred by the NCAA from discussing specific recruits
until they receive letters of intent on signing day, which is Feb.