Texas alum files anti-BCS resolution

Updated: February 4, 2005, 3:26 PM ET
Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas came out smelling like a Rose in the Bowl Championship series, but a state lawmaker -- and UT graduate no less -- still believes the system is a stinker.

Rep. Corbin Van Arsdale, R-Tomball, has filed a House resolution urging the abolition of the BCS and its complicated formula that picks the teams for college football's biggest bowl games and crowns a national champion.

Even if it passes, the resolution would simply be an endorsement with no legal authority to dismantle the BCS.

"I just think the system is screwball," Van Arsdale said Friday. "It will help you one year and kill you the next."

Van Arsdale is simply following California's lead. The Republican leader of the California Senate has introduced a similar resolution in that state.

In that case, Sen. Dick Ackerman's dismay was understandable. A graduate of the University of California, Ackerman was upset that the BCS allowed Texas to bump the Golden Bears out of the Rose Bowl and take their spot. Texas beat Michigan 38-37 in the Longhorns' first BCS game.

But Van Arsdale is a UT graduate who lettered as a student manager of the school's baseball team.

"I'm a big Texas fan, and I'm glad we made the BCS," Van Arsdale said. "[And] I thought California was doing a bunch of whining."

Even so, Van Arsdale said he would prefer a playoff.

"I know something bad when I see it," he said.

In December, The Associated Press demanded that BCS officials not use its poll as part of the rankings formula.

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