Can't wait to see these things this fall

Originally Published: April 27, 2005
By Ivan Maisel and Pat Forde |

Three Things I Can't Wait To See This Fall In The ACC
Ivan Maisel
Pat Forde
1. Will FSU coach Bobby Bowden force a redshirt freshman quarterback – whether it's Drew Weatherford or Xavier Lee – to make his collegiate debut against archrival Miami or will he fall back on junior Wyatt Sexton, who won and lost the job last season?

2. How straight and narrow a road must Marcus Vick travel to satisfy coach Frank Beamer and run the offense of defending league champion Virginia Tech?

3. This appears to be a fulcrum year for NC State coach Chuck Amato, who has been good but not great in his five seasons with the Wolfpack. Will they continue to tread water in the middle of the ACC and if so, will that be enough for the fans?
1. Whether Miami and Florida State experience addition-by-subtraction without Brock Berlin and Chris Rix. The NFL sure wasn't enamored by these quarterbacks, and at times neither were their college teammates. Will the Hurricanes and Seminoles be more productive with Kyle Wright and Wyatt Sexton, respectively?

2. Has Marcus Vick matured into a leader at Virginia Tech, and is he ready to live up to his surname? If so, the Hokies could have a dominant season.

3. Chan Gailey back at full strength for Georgia Tech.

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