Can't wait to see these things this fall

Originally Published: April 27, 2005
By Ivan Maisel and Pat Forde |

Three Things I Can't Wait To See This Fall In The Big 12
Ivan Maisel
Pat Forde
1. Zac Taylor takes over the West Coast offense at Nebraska. Can a kid from Norman, Okla., lead the – holy cow – Huskers back to prominence?

2. Speaking of Norman, who plays quarterback for the Sooners, and will he be able to throw well enough behind a new offensive line to distract defenses from Adrian Peterson?

3. And speaking of Norman, is this the year that Texas beats Oklahoma? The Longhorns need tailback Selvin Young to keep defenses from focusing solely on quarterback Vince Young?
1. Have the tire treads from the Orange Bowl hit-and-run come off the Oklahoma Sooners' collective psyche? Bob Stoops has never lacked for confidence, but will his team still have its swagger after being defrocked by USC?

2. Vince Young, on the run. He's Matt Jones in a cooler uniform, and he might be a better passer.

3. Does anyone feel like stepping up in the North Division? Early nominees are Iowa State, Nebraska and Colorado. (For Bill Callahan's sake, the Cornhuskers need to show something.)

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