Can't wait to see these things this fall

Originally Published: May 3, 2005
By Ivan Maisel and Pat Forde |

Three Things I Can't Wait To See This Fall In the Pac-10
Ivan Maisel
Pat Forde
1. USC junior everything Reggie Bush will get a lot of magazine covers but I remain unconvinced he will get enough touches to win the Heisman.

2. Of the many problems Ty Willingham found when he arrived at Washington, the biggest probably was the minus-19 turnover margin. My research goes back six years, including three teams at Notre Dame and three teams at Stanford, and none of those Willingham coached teams were on the minus side in turnover margin. That's a good sign for the Huskies.

3. Stanford hired Walt Harris in order in inject some discipline into a talented locker room. The Cardinal will need it with early road trips to Navy, Washington State and Arizona.

1. Who is eligible at USC? How does the offense look without Norm Chow calling the shots? And was the offseason sufficiently turbulent for the Trojans that the rest of the nation actually has some hope of derailing the three-Pete?

2. Marshawn Lynch as The Man at running back for Cal. Some folks in Berkeley believe he's better than departed star J.J. Arrington.

3. The Willingham-Washington marriage. It could be win-win -- and a win would be especially big for Ty when Notre Dame visits on Sept. 24. He won't want to admit that, but human nature will scream it for him.

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