Can't wait to see these things this fall

Originally Published: May 9, 2005
By Ivan Maisel and Pat Forde |

Three Things I Can't Wait To See This Fall In the SEC
Ivan Maisel
Pat Forde
1. All Spurrier, all the time. At South Carolina, the Ol' Ballcoach is happier than he has ever been, and he's disciplining more players than anyone outside of Knoxville. Can Steve Spurrier jam those square pegs into the holes in his passing offense?

2. Urban Meyer has a terrific résumé and greater expectations than anyone who has entered the SEC since, well, Spurrier at Florida 15 years ago. Meyer's system has worked everywhere else. Will it work in Gainesville?

3. Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom says he "expects" his players to reach a bowl game this fall. Given the unsettled state of the West – two new coaches, Alabama and Arkansas continuing to rebuild – he might have a shot.

1. The Ol' Ballcoach on an SEC sideline. It will be a welcome sight to see – and it will ratchet the stakes for South Carolina-Florida to near-hysterical levels. South Carolina-Tennessee will be a joy, as well, now that Steve Spurrier and Phil Fulmer have resumed rhetorical hostilities.

2. Will QB Chris Leak be as good as everyone thinks in Urban Meyer's system? And how will Midwesterner Meyer respond to the good ol' boy gladiator pit that is SEC football?

3. Les Miles, stepping into big shoes and deep talent at LSU. Job No. 1: Settle on a quarterback, and make sure it's the right choice.

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