Rose Bowl allowing fans to reserve tickets

9/16/2005 - College Football

PASADENA, Calif. -- For the first time, the Rose Bowl is
reserving more than 1,000 tickets per competing team to attend the
BCS championship game.
While the identity of the teams playing in the game on Jan. 4,
2006 won't be known for months, fans can purchase the right to make
reservations for tickets at face value for the team of their choice
through www.TicketReserve.com or www.TournamentOfRoses.com. Those
reservations are known as fan forwards.
For example, if a fan buys two shares for No. 1 Southern
California and the Trojans are selected to play in the Rose Bowl,
that fan can buy two tickets at face value. The original
reservation money will not be applied to the price of the tickets
and none of the reservation money will be refunded.
The price is higher for better teams based on market value. If
at some point a fan-forward owner decides to try and sell his
rights, he can put them up for bid at a market place.
That being said, if USC should lose a game or two and have
little or no chance of going to the Rose Bowl, those fan-forward
rights won't be worth much.
The minimum ticket reservation is $10 while the maximum is $100
[for USC]. The face value of a Rose Bowl ticket is $175 -- $50 more
than last year.
"We feel this is an exciting new way for fans that otherwise
cannot get access to the national championship game in the Rose
Bowl," said Mitch Dorger, CEO of the Tournament of Roses. "They
can now be a part of our game if their team participates."