Notre Dame signs 10-year, $60M deal with adidas

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame has signed a 10-year deal
with adidas worth more than $60 million to have the company
continue to supply footwear and apparel for the school's 26 varsity

Adidas began supplying some Notre Dame teams during the 1997-98
school year and expanded to nearly all Irish teams in 2001-02. The
new contract extends through the 2013-14 seasons, the school said

The agreement includes the value of all footwear and apparel for
game and practice gear as well as cash.

"The ability to outfit every one of those participants with
shoes and apparel through this relationship -- and at the same time
subsidize grant-in-aid expenses which comprise one-third of our
budget -- has a major impact in terms of providing assistance to our
student-athletes," athletic director Kevin White said.