Kicker guilty on drug charge returns to Ohio State

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State kicker Jonathan Skeete returned to the team as a walk-on following his suspension and arrest on drug trafficking charges.

Skeete was suspended from the school and team when university
police arrested him in May. He was convicted in October and
sentenced to a year of probation. He reapplied to Ohio State when
his suspension expired, and he was readmitted.

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel allowed Skeete back on the team
because he met the requirements to return to school.

"He should get every right of any other student," Tressel

The 19-year-old Skeete, who redshirted in 2004, was stripped of
his scholarship when he was suspended. He will have to compete with
scholarship kickers Ryan Pretorius and Aaron Pettrey as the
Buckeyes try to replace departing senior Josh Huston.

"This is a kid who made a terrible mistake," Skeete's
attorney, John Waddy, said. "But the university is willing to
forgive that mistake, so should we throw away the key and never
allow him to be part of society? I don't think that's what the
university wants or what the general population wants."