Bomar's father says son should get another chance

8/9/2006 - Oklahoma Sooners

Jerry Bomar says his son deserves a second chance.

The father of former Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Rhett Bomar said his son needs to be punished for breaking major NCAA rules. But Jerry Bomar insists the sophomore will pay restitution whether the NCAA demands it or not.

"All we want to do is start over fresh from here," Jerry Bomar told the Dallas Morning News for Thursday's editions. "He didn't murder anybody, commit a crime or anything like that. But he made a mistake. He didn't want to hurt Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a great school, it's got great coaches. But he made a mistake, and he's got to be punished.

"But this is America, and I think he deserves a second chance."

The elder Bomar reportedly has not spoken publicly since his son and teammate J.D. Quinn were dismissed from the Sooners football team last week. An investigation revealed the players allegedly accepted money for work they did not perform at a car dealership in Norman, Okla.

Today, Jerry Bomar admits his son's options may be limited. He would not say which schools he and Rhett are looking into. North Texas and Texas A&M-Commerce have shown interest. Houston also reportedly is interested. And Jerry Bomar said a major league baseball team has inquired into signing his son to a pro contract. Rhett was a two-sport star in high school.

"We know he's out of Division I-A for this year, and we think he could play Division II now," Jerry Bomar told The Morning News. "But then there could be penalties on top of that. It's just all going to depend on what happens with the NCAA."

It could be some time before the NCAA determines whether the school or players should be punished.

"He's going to pay the money back, whether he's [forced] to or not," Bomar told the newspaper. "His parents are not going to give it to him, so he's going to have to earn it."