Texas A&M hasn't contacted Auburn about coach Tuberville

AUBURN, Ala. -- Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs said
Saturday night he hasn't been contacted by Texas A&M
representatives requesting permission to interview Tigers coach
Tommy Tuberville for the vacant job, but planned to meet with the
coach over the next few days.

Jacobs reiterated that Tuberville is "our guy" and said he
didn't believe the coach would leave despite persistent reports
that Texas A&M would pursue Tuberville to replace Dennis
Franchione, who resigned after the Aggies' win over Texas Friday.

"The thing with Texas A&M is that it has escalated a lot of
conversation," Jacobs said. "But when I went to him four weeks
ago, I said, 'Look, do you want to meet sooner than later?' He
said, 'Absolutely not. There's no sense because of the rumors to
change what we do. Let's not break stride and keep doing what we
do.' So that's what we'll do."

Jacobs said no meeting time was set and that it would depend on
Tuberville's "recruiting calendar."

Tuberville spent one season as the Aggies' defensive coordinator
in 1994.

He said earlier in the week that he planned to stay at Auburn
"as long as they want us here. We're fired up about that."

After the game, he refused to address the issue.

"We're not talking about that right now,'' Tuberville said.
"We're talking about Alabama.''

It would cost $6 million to buy him out of the seven-year, $18
million deal he signed after the Tigers went 13-0 in 2004.
Tuberville is making $2.6 million this season, which would increase
by $200,000 next year.

Asked if Auburn would consider reducing the buyout if Tuberville
asked, Jacobs said: "I haven't gone back and looked but I think
it's iron clad. I'm not getting into hypothetical situations. He's
our guy and we'll sit down and talk about things. We'll address it
and keep moving."

Jacobs believes Tuberville's statement this week should end
speculation that he's considering leaving.

"When it first started happening, he just said, 'It seems like
every year I get brought up in one of these things,"' Jacobs said.
"And when it didn't die down he said he was going to put an end to
all of it. That's what he did last week when he came out and said I
want to be here."

Jacobs wouldn't say if he planned to offer Tuberville a new
deal. Jacobs said he would meet with Tuberville one-on-one and then
make a recommendation to university President Jay Gogue, if

"We did a great contract in 2005 and some things have changed
and some haven't," Jacobs said. "The thing about it is with
Tommy, it's never been about him. He just wants what's best for
Auburn. We'll sit down and talk about whatever that may be."