Ohio native Glenn, wife dot 'i'

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- After you've circled the globe in a space capsule and faced angry constituents, what's so hard about spelling?

Former astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn and his wife Annie came out at halftime of Saturday's Navy-Ohio State game to dot the "i" in the marching band's version of Script Ohio.

The Glenns were guided from the sideline by a band major, following the arc of the second "o" and then introduced as they stepped a few feet above the letter "i."

John Glenn said he and his wife weren't nervous because they were getting so much help.

He said he had to do some homework before taking on the job.

"This is great and we are enjoying it," Glenn said. "I had to look up 'tribble' in the dictionary because I didn't know that it is -- the 'dot above an i.'

"So Annie and I [are] the first co-tribble."