Clausen has to live with turf toe

Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen says that his turf toe injury is something that he'll have to deal with the rest of the season.

"It's just a nagging injury," Clausen said Wednesday. "I don't think I'll be 100 percent healthy until the end of the season or after the season. Next week is going to be big for me just getting my rest and resting my toe as much as I can."

Notre Dame plays Washington this week and then has a bye before welcoming USC to South Bend on Oct. 17.

Clausen suffered the injury to his right foot while being sacked against Michigan State. He was taken out of last week's game at Purdue in the second quarter but came back to lead the game-winning drive while noticeably limping on the field.

The junior, who has been wearing a plate in his shoe to help stabilize the toe, said he could barely walk after the Michigan State game. He said he feels better now and expects to play this week.

"When you're out there playing you've got to run around, throw the ball," he said. "Obviously for me I've got to plant off my back foot when I'm throwing the ball, which I had a little difficulty last week and Saturday doing, but it's getting better day by day, and that's just how it is right now."

Brian Bennett covers the Big East for ESPN.com.