Darius Ashley suspended by Louisville

Louisville cornerback Darius Ashley has been suspended indefinitely after his second DUI arrest in seven months, coach Charlie Strong said Friday.

Strong held a news conference with the Louisville media, in which he stressed the importance of getting Ashley the help he needs to get his life back on track.

Ashley was arrested this past weekend after he bumped a police cruiser. His blood-alcohol level was 0.186, more than twice the legal limit.

"Guys have to understand when they make a decision where their own life is placed in jeopardy or the life of someone else is placed in jeopardy, then it becomes a major problem," Strong said. "They have to realize they are responsible for their own actions. As a coach -- when a player fails, we all fail.

"As far as Darius Ashley, he may not ever run down that field and make another tackle, he may not ever make another interception on that football field. But our major concern for him is to help him tackle what he's fighting and that's the issue of alcoholism. We're in this program to help young men.

"This is a young man that has a 3-point-plus GPA in business. He's a very talented young man, but the decision he made can't happen in this program. We have to provide the help. It's more than just a game. He may never play another down for us but we can help him and make sure we can get him on the right track. Right now he's suspended but we're going to provide him the proper resources to get him the proper help so he doesn't make this decision again."

Ashley was expected to compete for the starting cornerback job.

Andrea Adelson is a national college football reporter for ESPN.