The Allure of the Bottom 10


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The Bottom 10's first inspirational thought of the week:

I'm gonna knock you out (HUUUH!!!)
Mama said knock you out (HUUUH!!!)

-- LL Cool J, "Mama Said Knock You Out"

The Bottom 10's second inspirational thought of the week:

Mama said
Don't cry
Dry all the tears
From your eyes
Don't be afraid
Be strong
Just keep on holding on

-- Allure, "Mama Said"

A bit of a mixed message from this week's inspirational thoughts, huh? There's a reason. Considering what went down at the South Carolina-Clemson game, fighting just had to be mentioned. And when you fight, there's usually a penalty to be paid. The penalty for the Gamecocks and Tigers is the coveted No. 5 spot.

Now let's see, who else has been in the news lately and knows something about fights and penalties? How about NBA fan-favorite Ron Artest? In case you missed it, Mr. Artest was suspended for the rest of the NBA regular season for his role in the Pacers-Pistons brawl. As the Bottom 10 recalls, Artest wanted some time off to promote his girl group's new album anyway. In honor of Artest's Tru Warier label releasing Allure's "Chapter III" on Nov. 23, the penalty for being in (and reading) this week's Bottom 10 is, well, Allure.

The Bottom 10 travels to the Magnolia State to catch the annual Egg Bowl for the Pillow Fight Week, where fans of Ole Miss (3-7) and Mississippi State (3-7) will be giving thanks that the season is finally over.

With apologies to Steve Harvey, here's this week's Bottom 10:

Waiting list: Arizona (2-8), Army (2-7), Baylor (3-8), Idaho (3-9), Kentucky (2-8), Rice (3-7), SMU (3-8), Temple (2-9) and Vanderbilt (2-9).