The Bottom 10 gets "Superbad"

Originally Published: August 27, 2007
By David Duffey |

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The Bottom 10 inspirational thought of the week:

Because I'm bad, I'm bad -- come on
(Bad bad -- really, really bad)
You know I'm bad, I'm bad -- you know it
(Bad bad -- really, really bad)
You know I'm bad, I'm bad -- come on, you know
(Bad bad -- really, really bad)
And the whole world has to answer right now
Just to tell you once again,
Who's bad …

-- Michael Jackson, "Bad"

As far as the Bottom 10 is concerned, bad is good. Our annual fall celebration of all things bad extends from the gridiron to music (see above), television and films. With a movie titled "Superbad" at the top of the box office, summer movies seemed like the perfect vehicle to drive us through the preseason Bottom 10.

So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the Bottom 10's trailer for 2007.

Longtime Bottom 10 favorites Buffalo, Utah State and Temple made the final cut. So did Duke, which is mired in a 20-game losing streak. But the Blue Devils didn't land in the top spot. Florida International, which finished No. 1 in the Bottom 10 last season, has the most buzz heading into 2007.

The highly coveted No. 5 spot, which usually is reserved for high-profile programs taking a hit, goes to all the offseason allegations and arrests.

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So, with apologies to Steve Harvey, here's the 2007 preseason Bottom 10:'s Bottom 10
1. FIU 0-12 "Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End": The Panthers ended 2006 in the Bottom 10's version of Davy Jones' locker. This season's course could keep them sailing at the end of the college football world.
2. Duke 0-12 "The Bourne Ultimatum": The Blue Devils have lost 20 straight games. If they can't get past UConn in the opener, they might consider having their memories erased.
3. Temple 1-11 "The Invasion": Look out MAC! The Owls are moving into the neighborhood. The bottom of the conference will never be the same.
4. Buffalo 2-10 "No Reservations": The Bulls don't need to call ahead. They always have a table ready for them in the Bottom 10.
5. Summer blotter
1-10 "Transformers": The players and coaches around college football spent way too much time in the police blotter during the offseason. It's past time for that to change.
6. Eastern Michigan 1-11 "Ratatouille": The Eagles, who ended 2006 on a five-game losing streak, really don't have any ties to a rat who wants to be a chef. But Ypsilanti just seemed to work with "Ratatouille."
7. Utah State 1-11 "Bug": The Aggies, who lost their last six games last season, haven't bugged many opponents in quite some time.
8. UAB 3-9 "Rush Hour 3": The Blazers, who also finished '06 on a six-game slide, have moved into college football's slow lane.
9. Idaho 4-8 "Lucky You": The Vandals lost their last five games in 2006 and coach Dennis Erickson left for Arizona State. Their reward is a season-opener at No. 1 USC.
10. Stanford 1-11 "Live Free or Die Hard": Jim Harbaugh has exercised his right to free speech since arriving at the Farm, but some of his comments have put a target on the Cardinal. By the way, Stanford visits USC on Oct. 6.

Waiting list: Illinois (2-10), Louisiana-Monroe (4-8), Memphis (2-10), Miami (Ohio) (2-10), most nonconference schedules, San Diego State (3-9) and UNLV (2-10).

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